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The Userbox template is used to create information templates that wiki members post on their pages in order to tell about themselves. However, it is better to see once than read a hundred times:


Each Userbox consists of two parts. The left small part is called id, it is used to indicate parameters that could be changed for the userbox. The right most part is called info, it is usually used to place explanatory text. With the help of various parameters you can change the frame colors and font size:

This member plays War Thunder on Linux and does not consider this a penguin.
 |id              = text or image for id section
 |id-background   = background color for id section
 |id-color        = font color for id section (if not specified, then default black)
 |id-font-size    = font size for id section (if not specified, then default 14)
 |id-style        = additional style for id section
 |info            = text for info section
 |info-background = background color for info section
 |info-color      = font color for info section
 |info-font-size  = font size for info section (if not specified, then default 8)
 |info-style      = additional style for info section
 |border          = border color of the whole template (if not specified, the value of the id-background parameter is used)

Important note: Suppose you are using a .png image with a transparent background. If you want the background to be white, you must specify a parameter id-background. But if a color is specified for id-background, but no color is specified for border, then the border will be the same color as id-background,.


Usage example Result
id info
{{Userbox |id = text |id-font-size = 10 |id-background = white |info = Instead of image |info-background = green |info-font-size = 10 |border = black }}
text Instead of image
{{Userbox |id = [[File:Msg-info.png|60px|none]] |id-background = white |info = This member had sped down freeways |info-font-size = 10 |border = black }}
This member had sped down freeways

Blank for copy

 |id              = 
 |id-background   = 
 |id-color        = 
 |id-font-size    = 
 |id-style        = 
 |info            = 
 |info-background = 
 |info-color      = 
 |info-font-size  = 
 |info-style      = 
 |border          =