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Z.1007 bis payloads et cetera

Hi there, Mantis here. I feel that a point that needs to be addressed is the difference between payloads on the Z/1007s.

The best payload for base bombing is unlocked as a stock payload on the Z.1007s. The 18*100kg bombs do maximal damage and allow knockouts of two mini-bases (8 bombs each) plus two left over at its BR.

I would like to suggest a section addressing this in upgrades. I believe that it'd be beneficial for OTHER bombers too- seeing as in many bombers the best Base-bombing payload is different from the best CAS payload.--Aussie_Mantis (talk) 12:50, 10 November 2019 (UTC)

The best payload for base bombing is the one that has the most TNT(unless you have significant overkill). In this case it would be setup 4: 12 х 100 kg GP 100 bomb and 4 х 250 kg GP 250 bomb with its 1110 kg of TNT. Your setup only has 911 kg of TNT. So in AB setup 4 is already better.
Now for RB, assume you can take out a minibase with 400 kg of TNT (8 * tnt of GP100 bomb). An optimal drop for setup 4 taking into account bomb order would be drop 8x 100kg to kill the first base, drop 3x 100kg on the second base, drop 2x 250kg and 1x 100kg on the third base, and then circle back to drop the last 2x 250kg to kill the second base. The third base will end with 1/4 health.
If you use setup 4 just by the bomb order then you use 8x 100kg on the first, 4x 100kg and 2x 250kg to kill the second, and are left with 2x 250kg(250kg of tnt) which would take out a bit over half of the last base.
With your recommendation the last base would end with 3/4 of its health. So even with overkill factored in setup 4 is better.

As for where to put that info, I'd recommend putting it in Usage in battle and Modules.--blastedryan (talk) 15:46, 10 November 2019 (UTC)