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Italian Fleet
P 420 Sparviero Pack
Porter class, USS Porter (DD-356)
General characteristics
194 peopleCrew
2597 tDisplacement
7Number of section
3 / 3 / 3 mmMain fire tower armor
16 mm (steel)Hull armor
4 mm (steel)Superstructure armor
Primary armament
2 x 5 inch/38 Mk.12 cannon, mount Mk.224 x Turret
720 roundsAmmunition
-10° / 35°Vertical guidance
Secondary armament
4 x 1.1 inch/75 Mk.1 automatic gun2 x Turret
7800 roundsAmmunition
65 roundsBelt capacity
150 shots/minFire rate
Anti-aircraft armament
2 x 12.7 mm AN-M2 machine gun2 x Turret
4000 roundsAmmunition
200 roundsBelt capacity
577 shots/minFire rate
75000 Rp icon.pngResearch
250000 Sl icon.pngPurchase
Sl icon.png0/3910 / 5083/3670 / 4771Repair
72000 Sl icon.pngCrew training
250000 Sl icon.pngExperts
940 Ge icon.pngAces
166 % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
100 % Sl icon.png140 % Sl icon.png110 % Sl icon.png


GarageImage Porter (DD-356).jpg

The Porter class, USS Porter (DD-356) is a rank III American destroyer with a battle rating of 4.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.95 "Northern Wind".

General info

Survivability and armour

The Porter is equipped with anti-frag armor, but this only helps against HE, and is useless against shells from most cruisers. That being said, given its large crew size (for a destroyer) and anti-frag protection, Porter can serve as a destroyer leader, and (briefly) tank shells whilst the rest of its team follows up behind. The Porters turrets are somewhat protected from HMG and auto cannon fire, but are also large and prone to being disabled by dedicated artillery pieces above 76mm, though you do have eight of them. The ship also has a row torpedo tubes which serve as an easy to see ammo rack to detonate, if torpedoes are brought along.


The ability to steam above 60 kph, makes the Porter a very fast vessel, at the cost of some turning time.


Primary armament

Eight 5-inch cannons, makes the Porter one of the most dangerous destroyers in the game. That being said, due to the turrets being of a pre-war design, they have a relatively slow reaction time, as they turn rather slowly. Hence the Porter's require a player to think of precisely when and where an enemy will come from. The rate of fire can easily be cut to under twenty rounds per minute, but the guns have a poor arc and velocity, and thus excel in close to medium range engagements.

Secondary armament

The Porter has only two 1 inch AA guns. They are slow to traverse, and slow to fire, and you are better off using your main cannons with timed fuse shells for any really AA damage. Still they do serve as a deterrent and early warning system

Anti-aircraft armament

Main article: AN-M2 (12.7 mm)

With only two 12.5 machine guns, some PT boats have better dedicated AA weaponry. Regardless they can still deter some planes, but cannot cover the front of the ship at all

Torpedo armament

Main article: Mk.15 (533 mm)

With 15 torpedoes, with a decent range and speed, the Porter can be a torpedo boat, but aside from serving as an ammo rack, in game, the high speed and rough terrain makes carrying torpedoes a very situational weapon, and one that largely shines in Naval EC

Usage in battles

Destroyer Hunter

With double the guns of almost every destroyer around its BR, the Porter is a great anti destroyer hunter, a role it should stick to in an up-tier givens its low caliber main battery. Due to its large size and poor lack luster armor (which only helps against HE fire), the Porter should refrain from a cruiser gun duel, and instead cap points or cover more protected or faster allies in the shallow and narrow areas around caps.


Tier Seakeeping Unsinkability Firepower
I Dry-Docking Tool Set 5 inch Common Mk.32 Anti-Air Armament Targeting
II Rudder Replacement Fire Protection System Smokescreen 5 inch SP Common Mk.46 Auxiliary Armament Targeting
III Propeller Replacement Shrapnel Protection Ventilation 5 inch AAVT Mk.31 Primary Armament Targeting Improved Rangefinder
IV Engine Maintenance New Pumps Ammo Wetting Torpedo Mode

Pros and cons


  • 8 x 5-inch dual purpose guns give it excellent firepower
  • Decent rate of fire


  • AA power is lacklustre due to only 2 x 12.7 mm AN-M2 Browning machine guns and 2 x 1.1"/75 calibre guns.
  • The turrets lack any true armour making them vulnerable, much like its successor, USS Somers
  • Has a small crew size of 194


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