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General characteristics
5 peopleCrew
120 %Visibility
front / side / backArmour
80 / 30 / 40Hull
45 / 30 / 30Turret
54.0 tWeight
1 908 hp1 000 hpEngine power
35 hp/t19 hp/tPower-to-weight ratio
56 km/h forward
6 km/h back
51 km/h forward
5 km/h back
100 mm SA47 L/58 cannonMain weapon
50 roundsAmmunition
7 roundsFirst-order
4.0 sReload
-8° / 15°Vertical guidance
4 800 roundsAmmunition
5.0 / 6.5 sReload
150 roundsBelt capacity
1 350 shots/minFire rate
95 000 Rp icon.pngResearch
260 000 Sl icon.pngPurchase
Sl icon.png15 000 / 19 305/13 000 / 16 731/5 550 / 7 142Repair
75 000 Sl icon.pngCrew training
260 000 Sl icon.pngExperts
1 100 Ge icon.pngAces
190 % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
180 % Sl icon.png150 % Sl icon.png110 % Sl icon.png
This page is about the medium tank AMX-50. For other uses, see AMX-50 (Family).


GarageImage AMX-50.jpg

The AMX-50 is a Rank IV French medium tank with a battle rating of 7.0 (AB/SB) and 7.3 (RB). It was introduced in Update 1.75 "La Résistance". If features the same armament (and turret) as the Lorraine 40t on a more robust chassis, similar to that of the AMX M4, in sum, it is a fusion of the former's firepower and the latter's mobility and protection. It is the logical next step to the French rank IV medium tech tree.

The lower part resembles that of a Panther's hull with its overlapping metal road wheels, its two large fans over the engine deck, its sloped front and back armour and its high profile. There are a few things that distinguishes it from its predecessor: there is not longer a "flat" portion between the LFP and UFP and the two fan casings have been removed. As for the turret, it is quite a classical post-war French design: an oscillating turret fitted with an auto-loader mechanism, a long gun and turret bulge and a thick turret ring.

General info

Survivability and armour

This tank's hull is very similar to that of the famous German medium tank, even in armour values. It is only slightly weak from the side, making angling quite ineffective. This armour should be able to deflect incoming shots from the weaker tanks it may encounter at its BR spread, notably the famous Russian 85mm D-5T. With its good slope, it can easily deflect APCR shots. The only thing wrong with this tank is its turret: it is very weak to incoming shots, with only 45mm sloped at 52°, it is a bit weaker than a T-34's hull. The only way to avoid being taken down too easily is to increase distance between the AMX-50 position and the enemy. Don't worry on that: the 100 mm gun is suited for that purpose.

Armour type:

  • Rolled homogeneous armour (Hull, Turret roof)
  • Cast homogeneous armour (Turret)
Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 80 mm (55°) Front glacis
35 mm (61°) Lower glacis
60 mm (39°) Front cheeks
40 mm (24°) Top
40 mm Bottom
40 mm (0-30°)
30 mm (30°) Transmission hatch
20 mm
Turret 45 mm (39-56°) Turret front
30 mm (9-26°) Turret base
50 mm (7-82°) Barrel shroud
30 mm (0-55°) Turret
30 mm (0-25°) Turret base
30 mm (0-30°) Turret bustle
30 mm (6-22°) Pivot ball
20 mm (69-90°) Turret underside
20 mm
Armour Sides Roof
Cupola 30 mm 20 mm


  • Suspension wheels and tracks are 20 mm thick. Suspension wheels are interleaved and can double in some areas.
  • Tracks 20 mm thick hang on the hull sides at the crew compartment area.
  • Hull undersides above tracks are 20 mm thick.
  • Belly armour is 20 mm thick.


Game Mode Max Speed (km/h) Weight (tons) Engine power (horsepower) Power-to-weight ratio (hp/ton)
Forward Reverse Stock Upgraded Stock Upgraded
Arcade 56 6 54 1550 1,908 28.7 35.33
Realistic 51 5 884 1,000 16.37 18.52

While not the fastest tank, the AMX-50 certainly is capable of many feats of agility. As mentioned in the AMX M4's article, this tank may be the slowest French rank IV tank, which is not a bad thing considering French tank's general dynamic game-play at this BR. "Don't put the tank in nasty front-line situations" is the best advice to follow with this tank. As it is, this 800+ HP engine should be able to carry the tank to any location in good time.


Main armament

Main article: SA47 L/58 (100 mm)

The SA47 L/58 is a very potent gun for a rank IV tank: it performs in a similar way to the Russian 100mm D-10T equipped on the T-54 series. While not having any -HE filler in their AP rounds, the French engineers somehow managed to optimize armour spalling on penetrating shots and muzzle velocity, making these shells very good at long-range engagements. This gun is also mounted with an auto-loader, which provides it with a solid 4 seconds reload time. Not happy yet ? It has good gun depression and a fast turret traverse, which enables this tank to react quickly to flankers and take solid hulled-down position, its high gun placement minimizes the tank's silhouette behind hills.

100 mm SA47 L/58
Capacity Vertical
50 -8°/+15° ±180° N/A
Turret rotation speed (°/s)
Mode Stock Upgraded Prior + Full crew Prior + Expert qualif. Prior + Ace qualif.
Arcade 28.56 39.53 47.00 51.48 56.47
Realistic 17.85 21.00 25.50 28.20 30.00
Reloading rate (seconds)
Stock Prior + Full crew Prior + Expert qualif. Prior + Ace qualif.
4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
Penetration statistics
Ammunition Type of
Penetration in mm @ 0° Angle of Attack
10m 100m 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m
100 mm Obus de rupture APCBC 273 270 257 242 228 215
100 mm Obus explosif HE 18 18 18 18 18 18
Shell details
Ammunition Type of
in m/s
Mass in kg
Fuse delay

in m:

Fuse sensitivity

in mm:

Explosive Mass in g
(TNT equivalent):
Normalization At 30°
from horizontal:
0% 50% 100%
100 mm Obus de rupture APCBC 1,060 15 N/A N/A N/A ° 48° 63° 71°
100 mm Obus explosif HE 1,000 15 0.1 0.5 1,400 +0° 79° 80° 81°
Ammo racks
Ammo racks of the AMX-50.
This tank features an auto-loading system that removes the need for a crew member to reload the main gun, although a loader is present to restock the auto-loader. A large drum of seven rounds is found underneath the gun breech for rapid use. Once this drum is empty, rounds in the hull will need to be placed in the auto-loader rack before it can be used by the auto-loader, which takes about 14 seconds to perform for one round. Nine rounds are found in three racks near the bottom of the hull behind the driver and machine-gunner while the rest of the stowage is found in the side sponsons above the tracks, aside from a small rack of 5 rounds near the rear of the turret.
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
rack empty
50 49 (+1) 44 (+6) 37 (+13) 30 (+20) 23 (+27) 16 (+34) 12 (+38) (+43) (+49) no
  • Ammo rack 9 is the auto-loader drum and takes priority in being filled at the beginning of the battle, then fills racks 8 through 1.
  • If the auto-loader drum is empty, the main gun cannot fire until ammo is loaded into the auto-loader drum.
  • Simply not firing when the main gun is loaded will load ammo from racks 1-8 into the ready rack, as long as there is ammo present in racks 1-8. Firing the main gun will interrupt the loading of the ready racks.

Machine guns

Main article: MAC 31 (7.5 mm)
7.5 mm MAC 31
Coaxial mount
Capacity (Belt capacity) Fire rate
4,800 (150) 1,350 N/A N/A

Usage in battles

This medium tank performs good in its role, being versatile enough to take many battlefield roles: flanker, sniper and ambusher. The only thing it is insufficient at is absorbing damaging shots: there are too many weak spots on this tank to take anything bigger than HMG to the front. Don't stay too close to the front line since the reverse speed will not allow the tank to escape sufficiently fast and flanking maneuvers will make the weak sides vulnerable.

Pros and cons


  • High penetration 100mm main gun with an auto-loader!
  • Amazing conical spread from stock APCBC shells. They are free and frontal hits will be deadly.
  • High top speed (57 kph)
  • MAC 31 coaxial MG
  • Fast turret rotation speed
  • Sloped frontal armour can bounce some lower rank guns and APCR
  • Very maneuverable
  • Great flanker
  • Higher velocity than the Russian 100mm D-10T gun, easier to aim at range.
  • Has 5 crew members
  • Wide tracks: able to cross all sorts of terrain with good speed.
  • Overlapping wheels provide extra 20 mm to the hull's lower side.


  • Armour will not protect the tank from rank 4/5 guns
  • No explosive filler in shells, one hit KOs from the side are rare.
  • One choice of shell. No APHE, no HEAT, no APDS/FS.
  • Less penetration than the Russian 100 mm APCBC, with less post penetration damage.
  • Same turret as the Lorraine 40t: only 45mm thick
  • Elevation angle is only 15°: it sometimes is a problem.
  • Gun elevation speed is slow due to oscillating turret design.
  • Large, Panther-like hull, hard to hide.
  • Incapacitated loader will disable this tank from shooting its coaxial MG.
  • Weak LFP
  • High repair cost


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The Shooting Range #98 - Pages of History section at 04:24 discusses the AMX-50.

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