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The War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK) is a set of tools to create user generated content.

War Thunder CDK articles

User Missions

User Locations

User models and vehicles

Custom localizations

Useful Forum Areas

Video Tutorials

Maps and models

"War Thunder CDK: Location Editor part 1"
Creating new maps with use of heightmaps
and addition of automatic landclasses and splines
"War Thunder CDK: Location Editor part 2"
Exporting models from '3D Max' to 'Dagor engine'

Mission editor

"War Thunder CDK: Mission Editor part 1"
Getting started
"War Thunder CDK: Mission Editor part 2"
Scripted events


"Developers Diaries: Model Editor"
Early easy tutorial
"War Thunder CDK: Location Editor part 2"
Exporting models from '3D Max' to 'Dagor engine'

Posting and Sharing your creations - live.warthunder

The War Thunder Live site allows the community to post, share and comment on user created content and images.

live.warthunder is a media sharing site for posting all of your creations, skins and images relating to War Thunder. Divided in to categories, creators can post, share and download the works of the community, with the ability to vote, comment and favorite their standout content.

The Live community hub allows the sharing of images, guides, quotes, videos as well as the content created via the CDK and skins for use in game. Models, Maps and Missions can also be tested and played in game via the mission settings once downloaded and installed into the games content folders.

User created content / CDK Categories:

  • Camouflages - Skins and camouflages for the aircraft and ground forces of War Thunder*
  • Missions - User created CDK Missions
  • Locations - User created CDK Maps and locations
  • Models - User created Vehicles and models from the CDK
  • User created skins once installed will only be visible on your own aircraft as they are localized files. Other players in game will not be able to see them. For more information on the installation of User Skins, see the Custom Skins article.

Revenue Share Program

'Bell P-39N-0 Airacobra "Pantie Bandit"' by _TerremotO_, the most popular Revenue Share camouflage

The Revenue Share program supports user created content created using the War Thunder CDK. Players receive an opportunity to earn real money while contributing to the game content - if vehicles, missions, locations or skins are implemented in War Thunder. In the next 1.43 Update some user created skins will be included in War Thunder content and these authors will receive reasonable reward.

By creating custom content such as air and ground vehicle skins, maps, vehicle models and 3D cockpits and by sharing it on War Thunder Live, creators of exceptional content have the chance of their work actually becoming an official part of the game, earning them a monetary reward in return.

Initially, the works of five players were chosen to be accepted into the program and the aircraft skins they had created were added to War Thunder, with the option for all players to purchase them in-game through Golden Eagles. In a short space of time these skins became very popular within our Community and we decided to pay the authors a year upfront. Thus, about $4 000 in total were paid to the pioneers of the War Thunder Revenue Share program.

There is already an amazing number of great submissions to War Thunder Live, and day by day new items are being added. If you have a creative vein yourself and like the prospect of earning real money for your amazing work, try creating custom content for War Thunder and be invited to join our healthy community of contributors. All you need to get started is the War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK), your favourite editing program and a bit of time and leisure and you can start creating anything from skins, missions, cockpits and even full vehicles right away!


CL-13 Mk 5 created by NOA_ and featured in game thanks to the Revenue Share Program

What is Revenue Share? Revenue Share - is a support program for user generated content, created in the War Thunder CDK. A player will get rewarded for his or her input into the game development if it is created by them and the content has been used in War Thunder

The most popular early revenue share skins

How will the award be calculated? An award will be payed at 25% of the income, which the Company will get in a set period of time or in a one-time payment. If content is distributed as a premium proposition (for example, as an advanced pack), when content from other authors is included inside it, the award will be calculated proportionally. For example, the Company decided to pay the author for an aircraft model, which is included in a pack with 5 aircraft (4 of which were made by other authors or developers). If Company got $1000 income, then the authors share will be ⅕ of the income * 25% (award amount) and will be $50.

In what time-frames will the award be paid? The first award will be paid no sooner than 180 days after content was added to the game. After that, an award will be paid during 30 days from the end of the calendar quarter at which Company received the income from the distribution of said content. The amount of the one-time payment shouldn’t be less than $500. If during the accounting reference period the amount of the award is less than $500, then payment is transferred to the next accounting reference period or (only by the Company decision) until the amount of the total award will not reach $500 or more.

How can I get the award? The award is paid by bank transfer, cheque or any other method, not excluding WebMoney, at the discretion of the Company. Assistance agreement: http://live.warthunder.com/assistance_agreement/

Revenue Share Program Video

Additonal Links: - Revenue Share Program FAQ - Revenue Share Program Video - Revenue Share Program rewards Article - Pioneering creators of the Revenue Share Program

Installing War Thunder CDK

Download War Thunder CDK

Attention! The CDK works only with 64-bit systems. In order for the CDK to function sufficiently, War Thunder must be installed on your computer correctly and to the appropriate game folder

1. Launch the installer
2. Install CDK to the War Thunder game folder

Folder should be detected automatically

3.executable programs names
assetviewer.cmd - resources browser, game packs resource builder
dagored.cmd - locations creation editor 
missioned.cmd - missions creation editor