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WW2 Chronicles (Chronicles of WWII) refers to the annual event War Thunder that typically runs from the span of April to May 9th/10th to celebrate the end of World War II. In this event, players play to unlock Chronicles Awards for prizes, usually consisting of decals, decorations, and even rare vehicles.

General info

The event first unveiled in 2013, starting in May 8th that offered players a chance to participate in reenactment battles, as well as obtain prizes and discounts. The next event was in 2014, which started in December and ended in January. Though both Ground Forces and Air Forces could compete, the event offered nothing more than a historical event. The event reopened in April 2015, in time to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a pattern that would follow for future events. The event opened up for rewards in a "Victor's Trophy" for every 15 victories, offering a premium vehicle, boosters, wager, discounts, and silver lions. It was not until the 2016 WW2 Chronicles event that exclusive vehicles were offered to the player base, 2 vehicles from both Ground and Air Forces. The 2017 Chronicles then offered nose art decals and decorations as well to the reward line-up. The 2018 Chronicles implements the mechanics of the Gaijin Marketplace with "Special Objectives" to obtain parts in order to unlock decals, decorators, and even past vehicles.

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War Thunder - Conflicts Series: WW2 Chronicles

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