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Tournament mode was introduced in patch 1.47.


Tournament events will now be available in the game in which a skilled pilot or tanker can earn prizes immediately after their victories without any need to wait for the tournament to be over. In these events, players will be matched based on their personal rating so it won’t be based on the vehicles battle rating.

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To participate in this event you will need to buy/find a special ticket (an ingame item), which there may be several types of for a tournament and which can be purchased with Silver Lions as well as Golden Eagles, or be lucky on opening a crate. Different types of tickets offer various levels of access to the tournaments and can also change the level or quality of the awards received. So you can select those that fit your needs!

The Tournament Mode tickets can be found in your Inventory or within the shop.

A tournament may have different rules, such as the number of participants, maps and vehicles allowed, and may also have different awards regarding personal ratings and victories. Awards may vary from tournament to tournament, and can entail Silver Lions and Golden Eagles, with the additional chance of earning special in-game items (which we will examine in a later Devblog). You will also receive special and unique achievements and titles that will mark your success even after the event is over.