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Currently most aspects are only available for aircraft with the exception of test drive (see below).

Single Missions

These are individual missions based on real (or realistic) sorties from the Spanish Civil War and the Battles of Khalkhin Gol, to the end of WWII and the Korean War. There are also "race"-style missions, where you follow waypoints through a mountain range. These missions can be unlocked one by one by playing the game and fulfilling certain tasks. However, some of these tasks cannot be completed through "free to play" only (or otherwise near impossible), such as those requiring kills from premium aircraft.

Dynamic Campaign

As the name suggests, it is a multi-mission campaign whose events and outcomes are dynamic, depending on victories and losses. Each campaign is relevant to a specific battle or time period, for example, the Battle of Britain. Once selected, you can choose individual sorties to capture zones on the map. These missions include head-to-head combat, bomber intercept, ground attack, and much more. After playing through the match either alone or in Co-op, one returns the mission select screen. Each done sortie will impact the map, as shown during the debriefing. A campaign is over once one side has control over all map areas, or the player quits the session. Available from the start with a fresh account.

Historical Campaign

Only accessible ingame after purchase in the Gaijin Store. For sale are:

These are also featured in various bundles.
In these campaigns, the player flying in various missions through the major conflicts of the Pacific theatre, solo and in A.I. squadrons. The latter any aircraft can be quickly swapped into. Further features full voice over and animated cutscenes.

User Missions

With help of the user missions can be made. Community/User mission can be found on Live.WarThunder or the War Thunder Forum.

Installation is in most cases very easy. Simply un-zip the data package and copy them into the folder: "User Missions". It is usually found in the War Thunder folder under: C:\Program Files (x86)\WarThunder\User Missions

Mission Editor

Accessed via the Test flight/drive window in the bottom left corner. There are a multitude of customization option available to test one's skill, test a vehicle in different maps then the one provide in test flight, or just to fool around. Nearly everything can be set as option, including enemy/ally type and quantity, mission type, time and much more. However only the vehicle brought into the battle can be used. unlike Dynamic Campaign.
Only available after purchase of said vehicle.

Test drive/flight

Commonly available once a vehicle is researchable, as in the vehicle is in no longer red in the vehicle tree. Customization is limited to weaponload, certain vehicle characteristics, difficulty and map time.
Unique are:

  • Adjustable trim for all aircraft (even those who did not had them in realistically)
  • Ability to set for unlimited ammo and fuel.
  • Random atmospheric patrol radio chatter