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Simulator Battles (known earlier as Full Real battles) is very alike RB - Physics are the same, however the main differences are the lack of HUD which requires players to manually spot and track moving vehicles on their own.
Since Update 1.47, Simulator Battles can be found in the Events tab


Third person view not allowed (exception being the Gunner Controls) and being restricted to full real controls - which can be still flown with mouse in the form of an artificial mouse-joystick interface.

Enduring confrontation

Enduring Confrontation (abbreviated to `EC´) is a new Air Forces game mode that is currently in development for War Thunder. Inherently featuring Join-In-Progress mechanics, brave pilots will be able to jump right into the heat of an ongoing battle. With the battlefield stretching over a large area and fielding armies of AI controlled ground vehicles and aircraft, players will join the hours-long battles by contesting in procedurally generated missions and objectives.

The player brings a roster of aircraft to the match similar to Arcade, unlike it though, the vehicles are not available from the start and have a time attached to them. This time-lock's length depends on the Battle rating (BR) of the vehicle; ranging from 6 minutes (BR +0.3 above minimum) to 45 minutes (BR +1.0 above minimum).
If the player forgets to bring an aircraft with no time lock, then the game will automatically add an additional aircraft to spawn in with. However, this fighter will be unupgraded, unless the machine is owned and upgraded by the player.

How to Dogfight in the War Thunder Simulator Battles"
by Sheriff's Sim Shack
"Situational Awareness!
How to Dogfight in the War Thunder Simulator Battles"
by Sheriff's Sim Shack
How to Dogfight in the War Thunder Simulator Battles"
by Sheriff's Sim Shack

Changes from Realistic Battles

Air Simulator Battles and the following differences to RB are significant:

  • Absence of Positional Indicators
  • Spotting and Tracking Aircraft is up to the pilot, although allied unit tags are shown within 0.9 kilometres
  • Third person is not allowed, and if the aircraft has a cockpit, virtual cockpit is disallowed. Often the pilot will be required to lead ahead of the enemy past the aircraft nose, meaning the enemy will not be visible for the short duration the pilot is taking his shots.
  • Hands-On controls most of the time - an aircraft without suitable trim will crash to the ground without pilot's effort
  • Leading on aircraft often puts the enemy beneath your aircraft's nose
  • Forced to use Full Real controls - meaning the pilot cannot use mouse aim to fly the aircraft (there is mouse-joystick), and needs to counter engine torque manually which is a significant cause for new players to crash on take-off. Note that "Full Real" still has automated engine management
  • Stalls are very easy and hazardous as it often results in a spin (usually recovered using rudder opposite to the rotation). The start of a stall is noticeable with the white streaks trailing off the main wings, a distinctive "woosh" noise and the aircraft shaking.
  • Aircraft spawning on airfields need to start their engine up (press "I" by default - no complex start-up controls like magnetos and mixture required)
  • Some crew training does not effect this game mode (Anything to do with spotting aircraft, and reload speed is not worth it for fighters as you reload automatically with repair on airfields)
  • Engagement of fighters is generally no more than two thirds of a kilometre space before firing the guns.
  • Unlike RB, combat in Simulator Battles is often under 4000 meters altitude due to common cloud formation, however occasional fights may occur above that.
  • Reward rates are not significantly higher than those seen in RB. The rate of income is on average significantly lower compared to other modes as it is less likely for players to encounter targets in air mode.
  • Better "immersion" in the gameplay - With the right settings, to a certain extent; you may of "feel" like you were a real pilot.

If you have problems spotting aircraft, you can try tweaking your graphics settings to enhance their visbility.

Ground forces

Available from the Events menu featuers a daily changing rooster of vehicle match-ups.
The map layouts fought are usually larger than their Arcade counter-parts.

Changes from Realistic battle mode are few, yet very noticable:

  • No 3rd person view
    • Camera outside is locked to commander's view (zoomed in 3rd person view)
    • Gunner's view is no longer centered in the cannon's center, but rather situated in the gunner's optics as seen on the tank
    • Binoculars and driver's view are sill available
  • 3D hit markers are gone
  • No friendly vehicle markers