Realistic Battles

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Realistic Battles
Realistic Battles


Realistic battles (known earlier as Historical battles) missions take place where real battles of World War II and other military conflicts occurred in the middle of the 20th century. Players are divided into teams by nations/alliances participating in the conflict, and can only choose one aircraft to spawn in before joining the battle.

Players in Realistic Battles also have the tendency to climb at a high rate at the start of the game; Boom/Zoom tactics are more common, favouring players with the initial height advantage. Games are often influenced by which team meets the other at the higher average altitude (and also which team keeps their altitude). Some players have hence dubbed Realistic Battles as "Climb Thunder".

In this mode, aircraft behave realistically. The following differences from Arcade are active:

  • Single Life (damaged aircraft can be repaired on airfields; spare aircraft do not contribute to this game mode)
  • Limited fuel
  • Limited ammunition
  • Potential for Wings, Rudder, Flaps, Aileron and landing gear to rip off at high speeds.
  • Potential for Wing frame stress overload via high-speed and rash maneuvering.
  • Potential to get into stalls and spins (however, less likely with Instructor)
  • Carburettor Float Failure in nil or negative G-loads
  • Rudder has a main effect of side slipping and a side effect of rolling rather than yawing aircraft to turn
  • Engine Torque Yawing effect is active (Potentially Harmful for inexperienced Joystick users)
  • Absence of "Arcade Temporary Boosting"; War Emergency Power or Over-boosting are not limited by time
  • Take-off is required for aircraft on most maps (aircraft not classified as a dedicated bomber)
  • No Lead Indicator

Ground Forces

Realistic mode adds Respawn Points, which can be earned for performing actions during a mission. The following actions will award the player with these points:

  • Killing opponents
  • Capturing zones
  • Hitting enemies
  • Taking hits

As a basic rule of thumb, all actions which would grant the player with Research Points will also reward the player with Respawn Points.
Further one can apply another simple tool. The reward is equal to the Research Point gain with a 100% multiplier vehicle without Premium.

With the rewarded Respawn Points one can respawn from the roster taken into the game. Limiting factor is only the available pool of Respawn Points. However, after each spawn, the cost of respawning increases.
Prices of each vehicle are determined by class. Starting by the cheapest and running to the most expensive one:

SPAA -> Light -> TD -> Medium -> Heavy
Fighter -> Attacker/Dive bomber -> Bomber

Adding payloads to aircraft will also increase the costs e.g. adding bombs to the P-47D-25 may raise the cost from 480 to 560.