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General info

PBJ-1J Mitchell in the Garage.

The PBJ-1J is a Rank III American attacker with a battle rating of 4.0. It was introduced in Update 1.41.

The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations

The PBJ-1J is virtually identical to it's cousin, the PBJ-1H, which, in itself, is a just ground attack variant of the B-25 mitchell bomber. The only notable difference between the 1H and the 1J is that the 1J trades the 75mm cannon for an additional 4 12.7mm browning machine guns in the nose. Otherwise the same strategy and tactic for the 1H applies to the 1J. Fly almost at tree top levels in order to demotivate high altitude fighters from diving on you, and attack enemy ground targets. Ensure to use ground targets belts in order to maximize the effectiveness against light and medium tanks. Keep in mind that medium tanks will require precise aiming at the rear armor or roof from optimal angles in order to be effective. Reserve bombs for targets the 1J's machine guns under any circumstance cannot deal with (like heavy tanks and pillboxes, this is especially critical in Realistic and simulator battles as it is necessary to land on an airfield in order to retrieve new bombs).

While the PBJ can be effective at engaging other bombers, only engage enemy fighters if a good opportunity appears where an enemy is already engaged with another plane or is in low energy state (like stalling, taking off or landing). In these situations, the twelve 12.7mm machine guns will make short work of virtually all single-engined fighter aircraft even at long range with ground target belts. That said, under no circumstances should the plane be used to actively pursue enemy fighters since any remotely competent pilot will be able to outmaneuver you once they become aware of your presence. Ideally, a PBJ-1J should operate in close proximity to friendly fighters who can support it if it is engaged.

Pros and cons


  • AP ammo is able to destroy medium and light tanks, as well as light pillboxes.
  • Excellent defensive firepower, utilizing most of the B-25 Mitchell's gun positions.
  • Durable air frame which can withstand numerous hits before going down.
  • Tricycle landing gear makes takeoff and landing easier.
  • Large ammo capacity
  • A staggering 12 12.7mm browning machine guns all fuselage mounted, providing excellent firepower at any range against soft targets.


  • Bombload is limited compared to B-25 Mitchell.
  • Useless at any kind of dogfighting
  • Poor energy retention
  • Poor turn rate
  • Poor climb rate
  • Slow top speed and acceleration both in level flight and in dives.
  • Twin tails create blindspot for gunners, a trait carried by the B-25 Mitchell.
  • The added 4 12.7mm machine guns hardly make up for the lack of a 75mm cannon like on the 1H variant.
  • Stock model M2 which lacks advanced ammo belt options, making it inadequate at virtually everything.



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Main armament

  • 8 x 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun, nose-mounted, 400 rpg = 3,200 total
  • 4 x 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun, cheek-mounted, 400 rpg = 1,600 total

Defensive armament

  • 2 x 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun, dorsal turret, 400 rpg = 800 total
  • 2 x 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun, tail turret, 600 rpg = 1,200 total
  • 1 x 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun, 2 x beam turret, 250 rpg = 500 total


  • 12 x 100 lb AN-M30A1 bomb
  • 8 x 250 lb AN-M57 bomb
  • 4 x 500 lb AN-M64A1 bomb

Modules and improvements

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Nation USA
Type Attackers
Medium Tactical Bomber
Fighting style Ground Attack

   Metric✓       Imperial   

   Metric       Imperial✓   

Empty Weight ~10395 kg
Empty Weight + fuel ~13770 kg
Takeoff Weight ~15422 kg
Wing Area ~57 m²
# Flap Positions 3
Number of Engines 2
Air Breaks no
Arrestor Gear no
Power per Engine 1500 hp
WEP Duration infinite
top speed ~399.34 kph at 4390 m
Climb Rate ~7.74 m/s
Turn Time ~43.71 s
Wing loading (Empty) ~183.00 kg/m²
Empty Weight ~22917 lb
Empty Weight + fuel ~30358 lb
Takeoff Weight ~34000 lb
Wing Area ~610 ft²
# Flap Positions 3
Number of Engines 2
Air Breaks no
Arrestor Gear no
Power per Engine 1500 hp
WEP Duration infinite
Top speed ~248.14 mph at 14403 m
Climb Rate 25.38 ft/s
Turn Time 43.71 s
Wing loading (Empty) ~37.48 lb/ft²
Main Weapons
12 x Browning 50cal synchronized 400 RPG
2 x M2 Browning 250 RPG
2 x M2 Browning 400 RPG
2 x M2 Browning 600 RPG
Payload Option 1
Nothing Loaded Clean Plane
Payload Option 2
12 x 💣 100 lbs AN-M30 Bomb
Payload Option 3
4 x 💣 500 lbs Bomb
Max Speed limit 580 kph
Gear lmit 350 kph
Combat Flaps 340 kph
Max static +G's ~4
Max static -G's ~2
Optimal Velocities
Ailerons <300 kph
Rudder <270 kph
Elevators <350 kph
Radiator >240 kph
Max Speed limit 360 mph
Gear lmit 217 mph
Combat Flaps 211 mph
Max static +G's ~4
Max static -G's ~2
Optimal Velocities
Ailerons <186 mph
Rudder <168 mph
Elevators <217 mph
Radiator >149 mph
Manual Control
Mixer is controllable
Pitch is controllable
no automatic pitch
Radiator (water) is controllable
Radiator (oil) is not controllable
Oil and water uses combined radiator control
Supercharger is controllable
Turbocharger is not controllable
Compressor settings 1
Optimal Altitude
524 m
1719 ft
100% Enginepower 3000 hp
WEP Enginepower 3339 hp
Compressor settings 2
Optimal Altitude
3700 m
12139 ft
100% Enginepower 2700 hp
WEP Enginepower 3005 hp
* Warning this is still in the test phase and can be incorrect. Take information with a grain of salt (data from 1.57 initial release)