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Download Linux version of War Thunder

You can download the Linux version from here

Take note that only 64-bit systems are supported. The Steam Linux version will be launched at a later date. You can change game settings within the game.


By following the download link you will receive the wt_launcher_linux.tar.gz file, which contains several files, importantly an executable called launcher, extract them to a folder where you wish to install War Thunder. For example ~/Games/WarThunder

Run the launcher from that folder (for example, run terminal, then type "cd ~/Games/WarThunder", then type "./launcher") it will download and run the game.

Starting the game

From now on, you can just run ./launcher from that folder, and you will see a native running War Thunder on Linux 64 bit.

Tip: if you already have the game running on your Linux using Wine, you can use the same folder to extract your updater there. It will save you some time.

List of possible game options (for direct client launch)

  • safe - Will run the game with "minimum" settings.
  • mode:windowed - Will run the game in a window.
  • mode:fullscreen - Will run the game in fullscreen.
  • resolution:WidthxHeight - Will run the game with specific valid resolutions where WidthxHeight is needed resolution, i.e. 1920x1080 or 1280x720
  • forcestart - Unknown, probably bypass some game checks (Found via a crash dump, being used by the updater)
  • replay {path to replay file} - The game will launch, bypass the login and plays the replay. This allows one to replay older replay files if we have a compatible game binary/version

Common Questions

Can I continue to use Wine version?

Yes. You can continue using the Wine version of the game even if you installed a native client within the same folder.

What can I do if a version is not working?

You need the most recent proprietary drivers for your videocard. If something's gone wrong, and the game is not launching at all because of invalid settings, you can always try to run it using the minimum possible settings. To do so, just go to the War Thunder folder (i.e. ~/Games/WarThunder) and run:./aces -safe -mode:windowed -resolution:1280x720


As per this thread, the mesa setting mesa_glthread may improve performance for those running 'mesa drivers (version > v17.x) on a AMD GPU. Intel do not have this options and for nVidia is unknown. So to use this, either run this before starting the game in the command line export mesa_glthread=true, add mesa_glthread=true %command% to the game steam "launch options", or use driconf and add this option to the game binary (aces)

As per [https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/360590-cpu-governor-schedutil-doesnt-perform-well-with-amdphenom-ii/ this thread}, schedutil cpu governor do not perform well on AMD CPUs and the game takes a big hit when this governor is used. It is recommended for AMD cpu users to use ondemand governor

The game do run fine in mesa drivers, even old ones, but you usually get better performance in newer mesa version

Additional information

Announcement on warthunder.com