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Gun Stabilizer refers to the stabilization system present on an armament mounted onto a platform.

General Info

The gun stabilizer is a system that improves the tank gun’s aim at the target and preserves (stabilizes) its aim even when the hull vibrates during movement, which allows it to perform effective aimed fire during vehicle movement or when temporarily stopped.

Reaction time and accuracy between target detection and effective hit draw the line between life and death in tank warfare

Currently a stabilizer on specific tanks is simulated with a generic high vertical guidance (elevation) speed on the gun - which, of course, makes firing on the move or after a short stop easier, but still this does not provide a real simulation of stabilizer and fire control systems. After the introduction of the accurate stabilizer simulation, the vertical guidance speed on specifically equipped vehicles will be reduced to real life values.

This new feature will increase realism on machines historically equipped with a gun stabilisation system

The stabilization system for tank guns will be enabled by default for all armored vehicles on where such systems were historically installed. For tanks with the ability to aim the gun using a lever, by default the gun will aim as before, with the help of the aiming mechanism. The button to enable the stabilizer on such tanks will unlock the gun and enable stabilization mode.

-Devblog for Gun Stabilizer

Vehicles with Gun Stabilizers in-game (Stabilization plane)

As of v.1.67

Single-plane, Vertical



Shoulder-stop, Vertical

Though Shoulder-Stop in-game performance is not different from a single-plane stabilizer, the tanks in real life do not have actual stabilizer and the Shoulder-Stop refers to the gun's elevation mechanism being balanced by resting on the gunner's shoulders. This shoulder-stop mechanism is only on small-caliber guns such as the 2-pounder.

Great Britain





Soviet Union

Great Britain



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Screenshots and fan art


British presentation of the gun stabilizer on the Centurion Mk.3.
A modern gun stabilizer on a Leopard 2A4 tank shows what it can do with a beer mug.
Effect of stabilization on vehicle's gunnery.
-by Inceptor57

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