The Elo rating system for races in War Thunder

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In War Thunder's ingame tournement mode and racing mode events, we use a calculation known as "Elo coefficient". How does this system work? Let's find out together.

The Elo point system is in use with the MLG, MLB, World Chess Federation and more!

Rating is calculated by the usual Elo system (you can read about it on this very page), but at the same time it is made so that the player is competing with each of the other players who participate in the race, separately. Let's look at the example of the race with four pilots.

  • 1st place - this pilot beat all three of them
  • 2nd place - lost to the first one but beat the remaining two
  • 3rd place - won against the fourth one, but lost to the first two
  • 4th place - lost to all three of them

With each pair of players, there is a change in the ranking according to the current rating of the players based on the Elo system.
After that there is the following: for each player all the results from all players are added and divided by the number of other players who participated in the race. After that, the number is multiplied by a factor depending on the tier, and rating changes.

Era Point limit Max points per game Multiplier
I 0 - 1500 100 100
II 1500 - 2400 50 50
III 2400 - ∞ 30 30

Here as long text:
r = Elo points
Era 1 Limit: r = 1500
Era 2 Limit: r = 2400
Era 3 Limit: r = infinite
Era 1 Elo/race: max r = 100 - up to 1500 rating, multiplier is 100
Era 2 Elo/race: max r = 50 - from 1500 to 2400, multiplier is 50
Era 3 Elo/race: max r = 30 - 2400+ rating, multiplier is 30


1st place: Pilot Alfa was at 2000 Elo points
2nd place: Pilot Bravo was at 1950 Elo points
3rd place: Pilot Charley was at 1950 Elo points
4th place: Pilot Delta was at 2000 Elo points

Player who finished 3rd, will have the following rating changes:

  • Losing against Pilot Alfa (1st) = -0.43
  • Losing against Pilot Bravo (2nd) = -0.5
  • Winning against Delta on the 4th place = +0.43;

  • Add up: -0.24 + (-0.5) + 0.24 = -0.5
  • Now we divide this number by the number of players he flew against (three of them), we obtain -0.167
  • Now we multiply by the multiplier for the second era (*50) = -8

After the fight, the player's Elo rating will become 1942 points.

If a player whose Elo does not exceed 1500 defeated the opposing players, who had less than 1500 Elo, we consider that the rating of all players from losing "team" is 1500 (here we apply the accelerated growth of the initial rating). If the player loses to the “team” that have less than 1500 Elo rating, we consider the winner "team" rating as 1500 (for anyone who plays with the new players, the rating is slightly reduced), regardless of the actual rating of the player.


1st place - pilot A was at 800 Elo
2nd place - pilot B was at 500 Elo
3rd place - pilot C was at 500 Elo
4th place - pilot D was at 800 Elo

Rating change for a player who got to the 3rd place:

  • We are taking into account that he lost against player A who was on the 1st place (we consider that his rating is 1500), we get -0.003
  • We are taking into account that he lost against player B who was on the 2nd place (we consider that his rating is 1500), we get -0.003
  • We take into account his win against player D on the 3rd place (we consider that his rating is 1500), we get +1

  • Add up = -0.003 - 0.003 + 1 = +0.994
  • Dividing it by 3 (the number of other players), we get +0.33
  • Multiply by the multiplier for the first tier, and get +33

After the fight, the player C's Elo rating is now equal to 533 points.

Selection of players to participate in the race based on the principle that the difference between the Elo of the racers selected to participate in a flight does not exceed 1000. Balancer will try to send players of roughly equal Elo to the race, which will make it more difficult for the favorites, and easier for beginners. The competition promises to be hot and more interesting. Do not miss the opportunity to take part in them and earn valuable prizes!