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What dynamic campaigns are?

"Dynamic campaigns is an "alternative history" mode. New events occur where World War II battles took place, and the progres of the campaign depends directly on the player's actions. Victory requirements, a realism level, a country and a location, as well as missions at every stage of the campaign are selected by the player." - ingame description.

Dynamic Campaigns are military campaigns based on historical WWII battles. Player takes part in various military operations such as air patrol, ground attacking, bomber attack/defense etc. Each done sortie will impact the powerstruggle on the map, as shown during the debriefing.

Setting up a campaign

To start the campaign, player has to define the scenario where campaign will take place first. All available scenarios are:

  • Battle of Berlin (USSR/Germany)
  • Battle of Britain (Britain/Germany)
  • Battle of the Bulge (USA/Germany)
  • Battle of Guadalcanal (USA/Japan)
  • The Battle of Guam (USA/Japan)
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor (USA/Japan)
  • Battle of Iwo Jima (USA/Japan)
  • The Battles of Khalkhyn Gol (USSR/Japan)
  • Korsun-Shevchenkovskii Operation (USSR/Germany)
  • Battle for the Kuban (USSR/Germany)
  • Battle of Kursk (USSR/Germany)
  • Siege of Malta (Britain/Germany)
  • Battle of Midway (USA/Japan)
  • Battle of Moscow (USSR/Germany)
  • Mozdok-Malgobek Defensive Operation (USSR/Germany)
  • Battle of Peleliu (USA/Japan)
  • Battle of Port Moresby (Britain/Japan)
  • Battle of the Ruhr (USA/Germany)
  • The Battle of Saipan (USA/Japan)
  • Sicilian Operation (Britain/Germany)
  • Battle of Stalingrad (USSR/Germany)
  • Battle of Stalingrad (winter) (USSR/Germany)
  • Battle of Wake Island (USA/Japan)

Most of the scenarios are locked and require obtaining aircraft of specified rank and nations.

After choosing the scenario, player has to choose nation, year, frontline advantage and victory condition. Each scenario has two nations to choose from, which are listed above. Year determines what aircraft will be available for use. The higher the year, the better planes. Each map is divided into sectors. Frontline advantages determines which nation begins with more sectors controlled. Campaign victory can be achieved by either controlling whole map or achieving 5 victories in battles.

Playing the campaign

Mission choose

Now the campaign starts. In campapign status screen player can examine map and amount of victories, sectors and troops listed next to the map. Player can also look at the battle log showing the history of campaign. After applying player has to choose one of listed missions. Each mission has defined aircraft player will control and reward of SL and RP. Available missions are:

  • Head to Head Combat
  • Air Combat Patrol
  • Artilllery Bombing Mission
  • Intercept Bombers Mission
  • Bombers Cover Mission
  • Defense From Bombers
  • Defense From Assault
  • Vehicles Ground Attack Mission
  • Cover Ground Attack

After choosing mission only ammo/fuel and mission start have to be determined. To make battle more difficult, player can set limited fuel and ammo. In "Mission start" player can begin the battle on ground or airborne.

On a mission

During the battle, player has to perform objectives in specified amount of time. In each battle player is supported by 3 AI wingmen (or less if player is in squad). If succeeded, player's nation conquers one of enemy sectors and player receives small amount of silver lions and research points. If failed, the enemy conquers one of allied sectors. After that, player can take part in another mission choosing from a complete new list. Campaign ends after controlling all sectors or achieving 5 victories by one of the sides.

Mission guide

Short guide for each mission type present in dynamic campaigns:

Head to Head Combat

Objective: Engage enemy fighters

This is a simple mission focused on pure fighter combat. Player with support of ally fighters has to destroy enemy fighter squdron. If there are many planes fighting, the battle becomes a chaotic furball with ally and hostile aircraft chasing each other. Player should stay alert and watch out if some bandit decides to engage him. Only one fighter type per side appear in this mission.

Air Combat Patrol

Objective: Fly around the marked area and engage any presented enemy units

Player has perform an air patrol looking for enemy aircraft. During the patrol two events occure:

  • player meets enemy fighter group on his twelve, or from six above;
  • player meets both allied and enemy flights preparing for a head to head combat.

If encounter is too tough, player is reinforced with additional patrol group. After combat all surviving ally units join the player and fly in formation like his wingmen. After performing the patrol, player has to head to the rendezvous point. Several fighter types appear in this mission.

Artillery Bombing Mission

Objective: Bomb enemy artillery

Player takes part in a bombing raid against enemy field artillery. Player is supported with additional bombers and a fighter group.

At the beginning of the mission player is ordered to follow the squadron leader. Player should stay close to other bombers, because bigger group can defend itself from enemy fighters easier. At some point bomber group will approach the target area. Player has several minutes to destroy at least one target. After the bombardment player has to disengage towards the rendezvous point.

Intercept Bombers Mission

Objective: Intercept enemy bombers

This mission is very difficult. Player has to intercept bombers flying in several big tight formations, which can easily protect themselves, of 10 planes per formation, covered by a group of fighters. The biggest threat throughout whole mission are bomber gunners. Avoid staying in their range for too long. Flying on their six is a suicide. Make use of the situation when bombers are separating.

Bombers Cover Mission

Objective: Cover bombers from enemy fighter attacks

Player has to escort ally bombers to their target and engage any enemy threat.

To protect bombers efficiently, player should always stay close and focus on any hostile plane heading towards their target. Player may fly a bit more freely if bombers have powerful armament and there are many of them.

Defense From Bombers

Objective: Defend heavy machinery from enemy attacks

This mission is similar to Intercept Bombers mission. This time bombers appear in smaller groups, but divided into waves. If enough bombers are destroyed, the wave will cease the attack.

Defense From Attack

Objective: Defend heavy machinery from enemy attacks

This mission is similar to Defense From Bombers mission. This time the target are attacker aircraft, either pure attack planes or fighters with bombs/rockets. These have much weaker defensive armament (or none at all), so your only threat are escorting fighters. Attack planes also appear in small groups divided in waves.

Vehicles Ground Attack Mission

Objective: Destroy enemy vehicles

This mission is similar to Bombing Mission, but this time player takes seat of an attacker. Unlike Bombing Mission, player doesn't have to follow anyone to approach the target. After approach player has several minutes (more than bomber) to destroy specified amount of targets. With bigger time limit, player may want to fight enemy fighters off. After the attack, player has to fly to the rendezvous point.

Cover Ground Attack

Objective: Cover allied attackers from enemy fighter attacks.

This mission is similar to Bombers Cover Mission, but this time attackers need cover. They are weaker than bombers, so player should pay bigger attention. If intercept shows unsuccesful, enemy planes may retreat and prepare for another attack.

Dynamic campaigns for educational purpose

This game mode shows itself useful in terms of examining aircraft. Player can fly ANY aircraft in this mode, even gift or "unreleased" ones (e.g. SB 2M-100A) and discover how they behave in various roles. It is also suitable, if player is undecided what he should research now.