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Turrets are a vital design feature of every bomber. They allow for these unmaneuverable aircraft to defend themself against incomming attacks. While the efficiency of these defences has been rather low in real life for a single plane. The combination of multiple aircraft with gunners into "boxes" creates a zone of high gunner coverage, making passing through a risk no sane pilot would take.

The main principle gunners operate is fear, not killing. Turrets are quite innaccurate, but nothing is more scarier and impressive looking as a B-17 shooting with 50% tracer ammo out of four M2 Brownings. It's a fear factor. "I can defend myself and I will kill you!" is the message of the turrets, which is in strong contrast to their actual hitting chance.

The life of a gunner isn't an easy one. They are exposed to enemy fire and often sit directly on the cold wind in cramped positions.

Game Mechanics

Firing arc of the defensive armament of the Kingfisher.


Albeit Ammuntion is infinite, the guns can still run dry and require reloading. Unlike the offensive weapons, there is no ammo counter to inform the player about the current magazine level. Thus the reload time counter is also not shown. Likewise the reload speeds greatly depends on the respective skill "Reload Speed", but also on "Number of Experienced Gunners". The time waries on depending on these two and is between two minutes and twenty seconds.

Realistic and Simulator

Aircraft field only a limited quantity of ammo for turrets. The amount can be seen in the Stat cards of each vehicle, or in the vehicle's Weaponry section on the WT Wiki.
Reload is only possible via resupplying at an allied airfield. Required time depends on the "Reload Speed" crew skill.


  • Dorsal: Top mounted, "On the roof"
  • Aft: Located in the rear part of the plane
  • Belly: Bottom part of a plane
  • Ventral: Like "belly", on the bottom part of a plane

Turret types

  • Hatch: Basicly an open door with the gun mounted on a gun pod e.g. belly gunner on the A-20G.
  • Gun port: The weapon is fixed in a ball mount in a window. Most bombers use this system in for the nose gunner e.g. He 111, Yer-2.
  • Turret: An independant and revolving platform housing the weapon system (e.g. Blenheim). Often does not include the ammo. Can be remote controlled (e.g. B-29)
  • Ball turret: Special turret version able to be lifted into the plane to reduce drag (on the belly of the B-17G)