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Creating and checking locations

Locations are created with daeditor programm. To create new location you should copy existing sample (location_sample) with a new name (e.g. my_location) and rename locations_sample.level.blk to my_location.level.blk. Main editor options are:

  • editing altitudes map with brush tools
  • automatic and manual painting of the landscape
  • using spline objects (roads, with trees by both sides, fences, coast lines etc.)also several options to modify landscape with splines
  • manual objects positioning (such as airfields, castles, cliffs or ports). Manually positioned objects can be the following types - effects, rendinstances, prefabs, composits.

After you created/modified the location you should export it to the game, to the folder content/pkg_local/levels/my_location.bin. If you want need to enable location created by other users put it to content/pkg_user/levels/my_location.bin In order to make location available in game it also needs settings file - my_location.blk, that should be placed near exported level. You can find example of configuration file in CDK. To create location configuration file for your location just simply copy provided configuration file to <your_location_name.blk> (you can also open it notepad, and correct map jpg file in it) Usually the map is also required for the level. Map display settings and it's name are also situated in level config file.

To launch your location in the game you need a mission that works in your location. You can modify any mission in the folder UserMissions (for example - test_location_sample.mission.blk) adding to the block mission_settings->mission in characteristic (parameter) field level your location name. For example level:t="levels\my_location.bin". Now you can just choose modified mission in User Missions in game and if everything is correct you will enter your location in the game.

Navigation Mesh for Tank AI/Bots

As we are now able to use ground units in user missions, it’s important to understand how “tank bots” navigate in War Thunder. A special geometry, called “navigation mesh” is calculated in the Editor for any movement over the landscape. It is used for the navigation of “Tank bots” only. Our bots in game cannot move over locations where navmesh does not exist. You can see the mesh in the mission editor by clicking on this button
in the “Scene view” plugin.

It is indicated on terrain using red triangles over the existing landscape.

There is a special window in the Editor to build and export navigation mesh into a location. The Visual model is calculated after pressing the “Build nav mesh!” button, so you can check it in “viewport” window. If everything is okay, you must check the “Export nav mesh” option and then export the location to the game as always. It is important to understand that navmesh is created only around splines with this option selected (checked on).

Checkbox: Use for NavMesh

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