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American tanks are the epitome of the armoured fighting vehicle, introducing novel engineering while still being user-friendly. American tanks characteristically lack a definite playstyle, which enables them to take on a variety of roles in the battlefield. Players progressing through the American tree will notice a trend from the weak, fairly armoured vehicles to heavy-hitting, well-armoured beasts. American vehicles were introduced into War Thunder in Update 1.45 "Steel Generals".

Class specifics

USA Light Tanks embody speed, but necessarily lack in armour and firepower. They are significantly faster than the other nation's counterparts, save for the BT series and the T-50. Players of this branch will notice a difficulty in taking out vehicles at lower ranks (namely Rank I and II), due to the lack of 37 mm AP rounds with explosive fillers. That said, it is often more than necessary to shoot more rounds at opponents to guarantee a kill. Later ranks will especially be enjoyable, due to the high speed of American light tanks combined with a hard-hitting cannon. Players favoring this line will especially love the final vehicle for the branch, the M551 Sheridan due to its 6 inch cannon mated to a light chassis, which allowed heavy high-explosive power along with the ability to fire anti-tank missiles while retaining the mobility of a light tank.

USA Medium Tanks are truly well-rounded. They are able to partake in offensives due to their relatively thick frontal armour and decent firepower, and also excelling in defensive actions as well due to their hull-down capabilities; which the Americans shine at due to gun depression angles and thick gun mantlets. American medium tanks also offer great cannons for their respective ranks, being able to penetrate vehicles at their respective ranks. At later ranks, players will notice novel engineering such as gun stabilization on vehicles such as the M4 Medium series and neutral steering in the M46 Patton. The line currently ends with the legendary M1 Abrams, a perfect combination of firepower, protection and manoeuvrability, with features such as Blow-out panels and a powerful turbine engine.

USA Heavy Tanks step up from their medium brethren, taking up even more armour and a heavy-hitting cannon. American heavies adopt very thick gun mantlet armour along with the characteristic depression angles, allowing them to abuse hills without fear of reparation. American heavies are also characterized for a heavy-hitting cannon, with excellent penetration for their respective ranks. However, this trade off resulted in the significant loss in speed, which will result in getting to places slower than most other vehicles. Although the United States seldom pursued the heavy tank concept, their heavy tank lineup is something worth experiencing.

USA Tank Destroyers are unique from their peers, that is the well-known vehicles like the M8 Scott, M10 GMC, M36 GMC, and the M18 Hellcat carry turrets. This design departure allows these vehicles to remain stationary when engaging a target, and also allowing the vehicle to have the full benefits of a proper tank. However, these vehicles characteristically have an exposed top, leaving the vehicle exposed to artillery and air attacks. The M18 Hellcat and the M8 Scott are worth noting in their separate category, since they are able to zip around the map at terrific speeds and carry out hit-and-run attacks. Progressing to V rank, players will notice a deviation to significantly slower but harder hitting turtle, the infamous T95; which may take some getting used to after the rock-and-roll play style of previous vehicles. The final tank of the line is the strange looking M60A2 Starship, which uses the same 152mm gun/launcher from the Sheridan with a longer barrel, capable of firing both powerful HEAT rounds and ATGMs.

USA Anti-Aircraft Vehicles play differently from their respective counterparts, utilizing the famous .50 cal M2 Browning from ranks I-III, then utilizing the respected 40 mm Bofors cannon from ranks IV-V, then finally settling with the terrifying 20 mm Gatling gun of rank VI. Namely, the play style of the M2 Browning involves pumping your target full of half-inch bullets, hoping for a fire or a hit on some critical area, which takes quite an amount of ammunition to do so. The 40 mm Bofors derived vehicles benefit from the renown of the Bofors itself; the stopping power of the 2 pound projectile is legendary in naval battles across the globe. The M163 VADS and the M247 Sergeant York are the final radar guided Rank 5 iterations of the line, rewarding the determined player with the only Gatling gun in War Thunder, with a firerate of over 3000 rounds per minute, or an M48 Patton with twin upgraded Bofors that feature radio-detonated shells, allowing you to wreak havoc on aircraft at long range.

USA Ground Vehicle Matrix

Rank USA Light Tanks USA Medium Tanks USA Heavy Tanks USA Tank Destroyers USA Anti-Aircraft Vehicles
Rang1.png LVT(A)(1)
M2A4 (1st Arm. Div.) 
M3 Stuart
M3A1 Stuart
M3A1 Stuart (USMC) 
M8 Greyhound 
M3 Lee
M8 Scott
Rang2.png M22 Locust
M5A1 Stuart
M5A1 Stuart 5th Arm.Div 
T18E2 Boarhound 
Nation-us.png Grant I 
M4 Sherman
M4A1 Sherman
M4A3 (105) Sherman
Nation-us.png M4A5 Ram II 
LVT(A)(4) ZIS-2 
Rang3.png M24 Chaffee
M24 Chaffee (TL) 
M4A1 (76) W Sherman
M4A2 Sherman
M4A2 (76) W Sherman
T34 Calliope 
M4A3E2 Cobra King 
M4A3E2 Jumbo
M18 Hellcat
M18 Black Cat 
Rang4.png M41A1 Walker Bulldog
M4A3 (76) W Sherman
M26 Pershing
M26 T99 
M46 Tiger 
M4A3E2 (76) W Jumbo
T26E1-1 Super Pershing
M56 Scorpion
M18 Super Hellcat 
T28 SHT 
Twin Gun Motor Carriage M19
Rang5.png] M46 Patton
M47 Patton II
M48A1 Patton III
Magach 3 
XM-1 (Chrysler) 
XM-1 (GM) 
M50 Ontos
T114 (BAT) 
Twin 40 mm SPG M42 Duster
Rang6.png M551 Sheridan
M3 Bradley
M60A1 Patton (AOS)
M60A1 Patton RISE/P
M1 Abrams
M1 IP Abrams
M163 Vulcan (VADS)
Premium vehicle    Pack / Bundle vehicle

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