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Torpedo bombers are aircraft specifically designed to carry the anti-naval-units self-propelled warheads called torpedos or also know as "fish".

Torpedo bombers usually are multipurpose maritime planes which have the ability to carry more versatile payloads than just "fishes". Load-outs can include various bombs and rockets.

Their designs can widely vary. Typically features of torpedo bomber often include:

They may also include:

Challenges with using torpedoes can include:

  • Slow airspeed required to properly release torpedo
  • Best release distance is 1 km from target (adjust aim to compensate for moving targets)
  • Too steep of dive angle causes torpedo to sink
  • Torpedoes are "fire and forget", once released they will travel in the direction launched until they either hit something or run out of fuel

Fun facts:

  • Tanks positioned in the water on beaches or waterfront maps can be destroyed with torpedoes
  • When torpedoes were released, pilots or bombardiers would typically notify others by saying "Fish away!" or "Fish in the water!"

Rank Nation-us-flag.png
Nation-us.png USA
Nation-de.png German
Nation-su.png USSR
Nation-gb.png Britain
Nation-jp.png Japan
Nation-it.png Italy
Nation-fr.png France
Rang1.png PBY-5 Catalina
PBY-5a Catalina
TBD-1 Devastator
Nation-su.png Hampden TB Mk.I UTK-1
Nation-su.png PBY-5a Catalina
Beaufort Mk.VIII
Nation-gb.png Catalina Mk.IIIA
Hampden TB Mk.I
Swordfish Mk.I
Rang2.png B-34 Lexington
F6F-5 Hellcat
TBF-1c Avenger
He 111 H-6
Nation-de.png SM.79 AS
Nation-de.png SM.79 bis /T.M
Nation-de.png SM.79 bis /N
IL-4 (DB-3F)
Nation-gb.png Avenger Mk.1
Beaufighter Mk.VIc
Wellington Mk.Ic
Wellington Mk.Ic/Late
Wellington Mk.III
Wellington Mk.X
SM.79 AS Sparviero
SM.79 bis /T.M Sparviero
Rang3.png BTD-1 Destroyer
F6F-5N Hellcat
SB2C-1c Helldiver
Beaufighter Mk.21
Beaufighter Mk.X
Firebrand TF Mk.IV
Nation-gb.png Hellcat Mk.II
B7A2 Z.1007 bis/serie3
Z.1007 bis/serie5
Nation-fr.png F6F-5
Nation-fr.png F6F-5N
Nation-fr.png SB2C-5
Rang4.png AD-2 Skyraider
AD-4 Skyraider
Do 217 K-1
Do 217 M-1
Be-6 Nation-gb.png Westland Wyvern S4 P1Y1 mod.11
G.55S Centauro
P.108B serie 1
P.108B serie 2
Nation-fr.png AD-4
Rang5.png Tu-14T
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