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Strike fighters are aircraft that are considered fighters, but have the capability of operating as an attack aircraft in a air-to-ground attack role due to the sheer amount of ordnance they could carry.

width="100pt" align="center" | Rank Nation-us-flag.png
Nation-us.png USA
Nation-de.png German
Nation-su.png USSR
Nation-gb.png Britain
Nation-jp.png Japan
Nation-it.png Italy
Nation-fr.png France
Bf 110 C-4
Do 17 Z-7
Ju 88 C-6

Rang2.png Pe-3 /Early Beaufighter Mk. VIc
Hurricane Mk.IV
Typhoon Mk.1a

Potez 631
Rang3.png F6F-5N Hellcat
Do 217 N-1
Do 217 N-2
Fw 190 A-6/U12 Würger
Fw 190 A-5/U2 Würger
Me 410 A-1 Hornisse
Me 410 B-1 Hornisse
Pe-3 bis
Beaufighter Mk.21
Beaufighter Mk.X
Firebrand TF Mk.IV
Firefly F Mk.I
Firefly FR Mk.V
Nation-gb.png Hellcat Mk.I
Typhoon Mk.1b/Late
Typhoon Mk.1b
Whirlwind Mk.I
Whirlwind P.9
Nation-fr.png F6F-5 Hellcat
Nation-fr.png F6F-5N Hellcat
Rang4.png F-82E Twin Mustang
P-61A-1 Black Widow
P-61C-1 Black Widow
Do 335 A-1 Pfiel
Do 335 B-2 Pfiel
Fw 190 A-5/U2 Würger
Me 410 A-1/U4 Hornisse
Me 410 B-2/U4 Hornisse
Hornet Mk.III
Mosquito FB Mk.VI
Mosquito FB Mk.XVIII
Pendergast's Spitfire Fr Mk.XIVe
Sea Fury FB 11
Seafire FR 47
Seafire Mk.XVII
Spitfire F Mk.22
Spitfire F Mk.24
Spitfire F Mk.XIVc
Spitfire F Mk.XIVe
Spitfire F Mk.XVIIIe
Tempest Mk.V (Vickers P)
Tempest Mk.II
Tempest Mk.V
Wyvern S4
S.O.8000 Narval
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