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The British ground forces were added in Update 1.55 Royal Armour. Early British tanks have good armour but are unsloped. are distinguished in World War II in two specific classes, the infantry and the cruiser tanks. Infantry tanks were developed to support the foot soldiers as they attack a target while cruiser tanks were to act as cavalry and exploit breakthroughs and overwhelm the enemy in large numbers. This lead to such tanks like the Matilda infantry tank and the Cromwell cruiser tanks. It was only late in World War II when considerations was taken for a Universal tank to fit the role of the infantry and cruiser tanks, which would develop the Centurion tank. Later British tanks are equipped with high penetration stabilized guns with a fast reload rate, but does not have any HE filler in their shells.

Britain Army Image.png

Class specifics

Britain Light Tanks are almost all equipped with the reliable QF 2-pounder, since most of them are rank 1 vehicles, this gun is sufficient in its role. Otherwise, light tanks are almost nonexistent past rank 1, which provides interesting clues for the British tank doctrine of the period: crew protection first. Note that Crusader chassis are later used as a basis for SPAA vehicles.

Britain Medium Tanks are characterized by their iconic chassis, beginning with Valentine infantry tank, as well as the Cromwell and Sherman cruiser tanks. Their successors are variants of the Centurion and Chieftain post-war MBTs, dedicated "universal tanks". These frightful vehicles offer the best penetration at their BR while having the earliest APDS shot and fully stabilized gun. The A34 Comet is a great example of the British Ground Forces: based off a Cromwell chassis, which is used from Rank 2 to Rank 4, while featuring a highly deadly APDS shot. Medium tanks are the mainstay of this nation's ground tech tree.

Britain Heavy Tanks line is opened up with the infamous Mathilda and Churchill tanks, characterized by their very thick armour. These tanks were to fulfill an infantry tank role specialized at supporting the infantry, which is why this series is quite slow compared to their contemporaries. Post-war dedicated heavy tanks are scarce across the upper ranks of the British tech tree as these kind of vehicles are barely up-armoured versions of the aforementioned MBTs.

Britain Tank Destroyers are one of the most diverse tech line of War Thunder's ground forces: the reverse-firing Archer followed by more "American" designs with open-topped SPGs like the M10 Achilles, then comes the moving bunker Tortoise and two Centurion-based "derp cannons", this line is then crowned with two very respectable ATGM launchers. Most of them offer tremendous amount of firepower at their respective ranks. If a British TD cannot go through a target, nothing else can.

Britain Anti-Aircraft Vehicles do their job. They clear the skies while avoiding ground engagements since most of them cannot actually penetrate a tank's side. British AA technology is quite typical: putting an old chassis to use by sticking anti-air guns to them. Beginning with armoured cars, the following chassis are based off the Crusader. Progress from this line is very usual as every rank gets an up-gunned, faster version of its predecessor. Using outdated chassis means that you can get used to how a vehicle drives and behaves under different conditions, which makes for easy play ability when unlocking new vehicles. However, you will also notice how certain defects in a vehicle become more pronounced in higher ranks.

Britain Ground Vehicle Matrix

Rank Britain Light Tanks Britain Medium Tanks Britain Heavy Tanks Britain Tank Destroyers Britain Anti-Aircraft Vehicles
Rang1.png A13 Mk.I
A13 Mk.I 3rd RTR
A13 Mk.II
A13 Mk.II mod.1939 
Crusader Mk.II
Crusader Mk.III
Daimler AC Mk.II
Tetrarch Mk.I
Valentine Mk.I
A1E1 Independent 
Vickers Mk.VIA AA Mk.I
Rang2.png AEC Mk.II 
Nation-gb.png Grant Mk.I 
Cromwell I
Cromwell V
Cromwell RP-3 
Nation-gb.png Sherman II
Valentine Mk.IX
Valentine Mk.XI
A12 Matilda II
A22 Churchill Mk.I
3-inch Gun Carrier
SP 17 pounder Valentine
Rang3.png Sherman VC Firefly
A34 Comet I
A30 Challenger
A34 Iron Duke IV 
AC Mk.IV Thunderbolt 
Sherman IC Firefly 
A22B Churchill Mk.III
A22 Churchill Mk.VII
A33 Excelsior 
M10 Achilles
Achilles 65th Regiment 
A30 SP Avenger
Crusader AA Mk.II
Rang4.png Centurion Mk.1
Centurion Mk.3
Stridsvagn 81 (Rb.52) 
A43 Black Prince 
FV 221 Caernarvon
A39 Tortoise
FV-4005 Stage II
FV-4101 Charioteer Mk.VII
Crusader AA Mk.I
Rang5.png] Centurion AVRE Mk.5 
Centurion Mk.10
Vickers Mk.1
Conqueror Mk.2
FV4004 Conway
Rang6.png FV510 Warrior Challenger 1
Chieftain Mk.3
Cheiftain Mk.5
Chieftain Mk.10
FV-102 Striker
FV-438 Swingfire
Mk.5 Marksman Chieftain
Premium vehicle    Gift / Bundle vehicle


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