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General Info

The A6M5 Reisen in the Garage.

The A6M5 Reisen is a Rank III Japanese naval fighter with a battle rating of 4.7.

The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations

The A6M5 Reisen is perfect for those who have a sensitive mouse, good trigger finger, and lightning reflexes. With the A6M5, you will be mainly turnfighting. Due to the good turn time and relatively high roll rate, the A6M5 Reisen is an enemy most planes do not wish to face. However, the A6M5 is a hard plane to use due to its relatively weak armament and sparse armor (as well as the tendency to catch fire). This is not a great plane to use in Arcade mode, as the planes that you will meet will include far superior Fw 190s, Bf 109s, Typhoons, and especially the notorious Spitfire.
However, in realistic or simulator mode, you are likely to face American planes such as the F4U-1, P-51D, and sometimes the P-63. In these circumstances, the A6M5 has a pretty good chance of survival and kills. Always out turn (or try to) the planes that attack you. Chasing is futile, as all your American counterparts have a higher climb rate, dive speed, and speed in general. But be sure to keep your speed/altitude high. A low flying Reisen is a Zero! Your best case scenario is to catch a plane grounded. Once you tangle with it, put a couple of bursts into the fuselage. The cannons, though somewhat weak, are still more adept than the Browning M2s that most of your counterparts will offer up. Beware, however, the A6M5 is extremely prone to catching fire, and once that happens, pray that none of your main components will be destroyed (engine, tail, etc.). If chased by a cannon-armed P-63, scissor vigorously until the "Cobra" runs out of ammunition, and then turn and destroy. One can also play the A6M5 series as a light boom and zoom aircraft, using the climb rate to get above the competition, and the improved dive capabilities over the m2/3s to swoop down onto enemies from above, but be mindful of your speed.

Notably, the low speed and relatively high BR is a great advantage of the A6M5, because all your opponents will most likely overshoot you as long as they do not apply flaps and scissor vigorously.

Pros and cons of the plane


  • Great maneuverability
  • Relatively good weaponry
  • Low stall speed
  • Low wingloading
  • Fairly clear cockpit
  • Bomb options
  • The Machine Guns, at least, are in accurate proximity, dealing more damage than the spread-out guns of the Spitfire's


  • Easy to catch fire
  • Low speed (both a pro and a con)
  • Low acceleration, dive speed, and climb rate
  • Little ammunition, though better than the Spitfire
  • Only two 7.7mm Machine Guns to supplant the cannon
  • Cannons relatively spread out

Armament & specifications

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The Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 is equipped with:

  • 2 × 7.7mm Type 97 Machine Guns in the engine cowling, with 680 RPG = 1400 Total
  • 2 × 20mm Type 99 Mark 2 Cannons in the wings, with 100 RPG = 200 Total


The Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 can equip:

  • 2 × 60 kg Navy Type 97 Number 6 ground bombs


Warning this is still in the test phase and is probably incorrect. Take information with a grain of salt (data taken from 1.55)

Horsepower in 1000hp
Altitude in 1000m

Supercharger Stage #1: 100%

Supercharger Stage #1: WEP

Supercharger Stage #2: 100%

Supercharger Stage #2: WEP

Modules and improvements


History of creation and combat usage

The Japanese had hopes of a new interceptor becoming available to fight against newer allied fighters. When no such plane could be produced, the A6M3 was modified to continue to fill that role. In late of 1943 changes were made to simplify the aircraft. These changes were made to help speed up production, as well to increase dive speed. The wings remained the same size and shape as the A6M3 Reisen mod. 22. Modifications were made including the removal of the wing folding mechanism. The A6M5 received heavier gauge wing skinning as well. Other noticeable modifications were made to the aircraft's exhaust. The A6M5 also had CO2 fire extinguishers installed in the wing fuel tanks starting from production number 4274 onwards.

Ingame Description


Screenshots and fan art

Skins and camouflages for the A6M5 series from live.warthunder.com.

Additional information (links)

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Nation Japan
Design Family Reisen
Type Fighter
Escort Fighter
Carrier Fighters
Fighting style Turn Fighting
Energy Fighting
Strike Fighter

   Metric✓       Imperial   

   Metric       Imperial✓   

Empty Weight ~1925 kg
Empty Weight + fuel ~2513 kg
Takeoff Weight ~2952 kg
Wing Area ~21 m²
# Flap Positions 3
Number of Engines 1
Air Breaks no
Arrestor Gear yes
Power per Engine 995 hp
WEP Duration infinite
top speed ~564.98 kph at 5900 m
Climb Rate ~14.30 m/s
Optimal climb velocity ~276.87 kph
Turn Time ~21.00 s
Wing loading (Empty) ~90.00 kg/m²
Empty Weight ~4244 lb
Empty Weight + fuel ~5540 lb
Takeoff Weight ~6508 lb
Wing Area ~231 ft²
# Flap Positions 3
Number of Engines 1
Air Breaks no
Arrestor Gear yes
Power per Engine 995 hp
WEP Duration infinite
Top speed ~351.06 mph at 19357 m
Climb Rate 46.92 ft/s
Optimal climb velocity ~172.04 mph
Turn Time 21.00 s
Wing loading (Empty) ~18.43 lb/ft²
Main Weapons
2 x Type 99 Mk.2 100 RPG
2 x type 97 700 RPG
Payload Option 1
Nothing Loaded Clean Plane
Payload Option 2
2 x 💣 60 kg Type 97 mod.6 Bomb
Max Speed limit 760 kph
Gear lmit 300 kph
Combat Flaps 420 kph
Max static +G's ~22
Max static -G's ~9
Optimal Velocities
Ailerons <310 kph
Rudder <420 kph
Elevators <410 kph
Radiator >260 kph
Max Speed limit 472 mph
Gear lmit 186 mph
Combat Flaps 261 mph
Max static +G's ~22
Max static -G's ~9
Optimal Velocities
Ailerons <193 mph
Rudder <261 mph
Elevators <255 mph
Radiator >162 mph
Manual Control
Mixer is controllable
Pitch is controllable
no automatic pitch
Radiator (water) is controllable
Radiator (oil) is controllable
Oil and water uses different radiator control
Supercharger is controllable
Turbocharger is not controllable
Compressor settings 1
Optimal Altitude
2500 m
8202 ft
100% Enginepower 1095 hp
WEP Enginepower 1213 hp
Compressor settings 2
Optimal Altitude
5000 m
16404 ft
100% Enginepower 965 hp
WEP Enginepower 1069 hp
* Warning this is still in the test phase and can be incorrect. Take information with a grain of salt (data from 1.57 initial release)